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OBD2 Code Reader - Auto Scanner 

OBD2 Trouble Codes

Automotive Technicians use Scan Tools on a daily bases. Sometimes they own more than one OBD II Scanner simply because they had a motor vehicle to scan and the old one could not do the job. If you are a professional you can not mess around. Ease Automotive Scan owners don't buy other scan tools because there will never be a need to. This is the last scan tool you will ever have to buy, PROMISE!!.

 What's New in Scan Tool Software Version 8? It now includes Hyundai, Kia
and Nissan enhanced coverage. More Asian support is being added every day

Diagnosing a vehicle becomes harder everyday and you will need a combination of tools to get the job done. Now you can view comprehensive diagnostic data and scope signals side by side. Ease Automotive Diagnostic equipment, provides you of diagnostic data and the ability to perform powertrain and body/chassis vehicle reprogramming. For the ultimate coverage, what about an all-in one system that combines scanning, scoping and reprogramming? There's no need to imagine any longer!

With the EWINS (EASE Wireless INtegrated System) from EASE Diagnostics, we've created three systems that combine the power of our Award Winning PC Scan Tool, J2534 Universal Vehicle ECU Re-Flash Reprogrammer and our PC Scope Software used with a PicoScope automotive oscilloscope to give you the most powerful diagnostic arsenal ever made! You can scan, scope and/or reflash using a single system - helping you make accurate vehicle repairs the first time. No tool will ever replace a Master Diagnostician - but EASE is working harder to help make your job easier.

Scan Tool OBD II

EASE Diagnostics continues to be the industry leader in innovative product development for the automotive diagnostics industry. EASE is committed to helping technicians perform their jobs more easily, accurately and quickly. Our unique and cutting edge products are leading the way in the ever-changing automotive repair industry with a fresh approach to automotive diagnostics. By using personal computers and PDAs, EASE gives the automotive technician
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ECU Reprogrammer J2534is

FLASH REPROGRAMMING is an important part of repairs and tune-ups on most 1996 and newer cars. Many times, Reprogramming is the only way to repair a vehicle and eliminate false DTCs. With the EASE Universal Reprogrammer for GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota you can reprogram a customer’s vehicle - using the SAME REPROGRAMMING DATA available to the dealerships. Don’t miss out on this profitable, and quickly growing market
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